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Barbie Street Style World Tour barbie street style world tour
Barbie wants to try Street Styles around the world, so she is on a world tour, to visit great cities like London, Milan and Paris where fashion is great! Help her to dress up with fancy clothes, style her hair and add some pretty accessories every time she visits a fashion city! Have fun!
(Played 277 Times)
Coachella Street Style coachella street style
This beautiful girl, named Coachella is going to an open-air show, and she needs a street style look for this event! Join her, and you can choose her hairstyle, her outfit and some matching accessories! She will definitely look gorgeous, when you finish up! Have fun playing!
(Played 292 Times)
London Street Style london street style
Help this cute girl look fashionable in the London Street Style! You can style her hair, choose her outfit and add her glamorous accessories that fits perfectly her new look! Have fun!
(Played 192 Times)
Rome Street Fashion rome street fashion
This cute girl is vising Rome, the beautiful capital of Italy, and she needs your help to create a look in the Street Fashion style. Help her choose the perfect outfit, a stylish hairdo and some glamorous accessories! Have fun!
(Played 126 Times)
Street Avenger street avenger
Choose your hero and go on and battle the bad guys on the streets! Each level has a boss so go on and kick his ass, too! Find medical kits on the way to restore your lost health, and good luck in your mission!
(Played 502 Times)
Street fighter 2 street fighter 2
Ryu is one of the best fighters at defeat with force as a child.Help you win the big prize at wrestling champion handing out punches and kicks opponent in direct combat.
(Played 1,382 Times)
Street Hawker street hawker
Join this cute street hawker and help her to sell as many products as she can, to make sweet money! Pick up costumers and serve them with the goods they desire! Make everyone happy and have fun!
(Played 376 Times)
Street Scene street scene
Join this pretty lady for a dress up session and make her look fashionable in the street style! Choose her hairdo, then dress her up with elegant clothes and pick her some cool matching accessories! Have fun!
(Played 131 Times)
Street Skater street skater
Help this cute Street Skater look fabulous before she goes skating! Choose her a pretty hairstyle, some fancy clothes and cool accessories! Have fun!
(Played 207 Times)
Street Style Snaps street style snaps
This pretty girl loves Street Style Snaps. Can you help her look wonderful in this cool trend? Choose the clothes that fits her best, style her hair and add her some glamorous accessories that looks fabulous on her! Have fun!
(Played 137 Times)
The Boy Across The Street the boy across the street
This cute girl was invited to a romantic date by her crush, the boy across the street and now both need your help to get ready! Start with the girl, and apply her make-up, then dress her up with style and choose her a nice hairdo! After the girl is ready, take care of the boy, too! Have fun!
(Played 208 Times)
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