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Dead Town dead town
Your town has been invaded by zombies, and you must find your way to a safe place! The street is full of deadly creatures, luckily you have your shotgun with you and a baseball bat! Use them and kill the zombies! Good luck!
(Played 666 Times)
Fairy Farm Town fairy farm town
Join a sweet fairy at her farm, and help her clean up the place and take care of her lovely unicorn! Gather the trash, use the broom to sweep the ground, harvest the honey and cut the weeds. When the farm looks good again, move on to the second part, where you'll have to treat the wounded unicorn, give him a bath and feed him! Have fun!
(Played 414 Times)
Sleeping Town sleeping town
Complete the puzzle and find out what is happening in the Sleeping Town. Score as many points as you can before the time runs out and have fun playing!
(Played 243 Times)
Toy Town toy town
Join this girl in Toy Town, and help her create a new pretty look! Start by applying her a sparkling make-up, then style her hair and dress her up with a trendy outfit! Also, choose her some cute matching accessories! Have fun!
(Played 269 Times)
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty wake up sleeping beauty
Princess Aurora fell asleep and didn't wake up in time, so she's running late for her date! Help her to wake up, even tough she might not like your methods, then start a make-up session and style her hair! Move on to the dressing part and choose her outfit and accessories! Aurora will look charming, in the end!
(Played 371 Times)
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