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Astroboy sort my yiles astroboy sort my yiles
Astroboy is a boy with superhuman powers who is available to all people who need help.This site y8ongames you will meet to restore a picture with them in various scenes in which he saves the world from danger.With this Astroboy will disappear and boredom built up during the day and you become friends with this superhuman.
(Played 1,264 Times)
Barbie Boyfriend Thief barbie boyfriend thief
Barbie wants to prank the Disney princesses, so she stole their smartphones while they were watching Inside Out and saw their love messages! She decided now to dress up just like them and see if she can stole their boyfriends when she goes to the romantic dates! Help Barbie arrange and dress up just like the other princesses and see what happens, then! Have fun!
(Played 420 Times)
Barbie Girly Vs Boyfriend Outfit barbie girly vs boyfriend outfit
Barbie has a dilemma: which style shall she adopt today? A girly one or a boyfriend type? Start the game and let's dress-up and arrange Barbie in both styles, and then you can decide which one suits her best! Have fun!
(Played 416 Times)
Kiss Dream Boy kiss dream boy
Look who's next to Jenna in the school bus: it's her dream boy, Ray! Jenna wants to stole him a kiss from him as a gift for her 16th birthday but she can't do that without your help! Start the game and make Jenna look pretty first! Have fun!
(Played 390 Times)
Pajama Boy 2 pajama boy 2
Pajama boy is lost and alone in the dark forest! Can you guide him through the woods and get him home safely? There's a dangerous adventure in his way, but with your courage and his, surely the boy will make it!
(Played 314 Times)
Pajama Hero Makes Risotto pajama hero makes risotto
Pajama Hero wants to eat a delicious Risotto today, can you help him make his food? Join him for a cooking session, and assist the hero to prepare the ingredients! The Risotto will be ready for him, soon! Have fun!
(Played 281 Times)
Rapunzel Boyfriend Makeover rapunzel boyfriend makeover
Rapunzel accepted girlfriend does boyfriend makeover challenge and she needs your help to transform Flynn! Join her and assist the princess to shave, make-up and dress-up Flynn in a funny way, so that she can win this challenge! Have fun!
(Played 245 Times)
Snowboard Boy snowboard boy
If you like snowboarding, then you have to try this game, for sure! Your goal is to challenge the highest score in tree rounds! Collect as many gifts and coins to gather points and dodge obstacles to avoid losing points! Control the player with Arrow keys, use space to jump and F and D keys to perform stunts! Have fun!
(Played 559 Times)
The Boy Across The Street the boy across the street
This cute girl was invited to a romantic date by her crush, the boy across the street and now both need your help to get ready! Start with the girl, and apply her make-up, then dress her up with style and choose her a nice hairdo! After the girl is ready, take care of the boy, too! Have fun!
(Played 242 Times)
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