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Ariel Castle Adventure ariel castle adventure
Join Ariel in her Castle Adventure and help her meet prince Eric! First, you'll have to find all the hidden numbers, then take care of Ariel, who is messy and wounded! In the end, help her create a fancy look, and she will be ready to meet her crush! Have fun!
(Played 395 Times)
Decorate Frozen Castle decorate frozen castle
If you are a fan of Disney Frozen cartoons, join the cute characters Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf to decorate together the Frozen Castle! You have all the items you need to create beautiful rooms, start now and use your interior designer skills! Have fun!
(Played 600 Times)
Defend the Castle defend the castle
You are a brave archer and you must defend your castle from the hordes of zombies! The walls cannot break under their claws or every hope for the mankind will be lost! Unlock archer skills as you play and use them to be more precise and deadly! Good luck!
(Played 561 Times)
Escape Plan Dragon Castle escape plan dragon castle
You wake up suddenly in the dragon's castle without knowing how you got here! It's time to make your plan and get out of there until the dragon is back! Search carefully in all places and solve puzzles, find useful objects and use them to escape as soon as possible! Good luck!
(Played 484 Times)
Fairy Castle Design fairy castle design
Design a beautiful castle for fairies and create a magic surrounding world, too! Choose the prettiest decorating items to create the world, then pick the castle model and color it as you like! Have fun!
(Played 339 Times)
Frozen Family Castle Decor frozen family castle decor
Frozen Family needs you! They want to redecorate their castle! Use your interior designer skills to help them! Choose the nicest furniture, the wall color, the floor, the windows and make the room look amazing! Have fun!
(Played 367 Times)
Kleine Castle kleine castle
Kleine Castle is a fun adventure platform game about two lucky rascals, a boy, Kleine and a girl Eine who planned a trip without having special plans. But it happend for them to met a lot of adventures on their way.
(Played 2,086 Times)
Must Escape the Ice Castle must escape the ice castle
During a trip you came across this ice castle and you thought it is worth exploring, but things did not go exactly in your favor! Now you're lost and trapped here, so you have to find a way out and continue your journey! To escape, u must look around for objects that can be used for this purpose! Good luck!
(Played 473 Times)
Must Escape the Wizard Castle must escape the wizard castle
You started an adventure and decided to explore the Wizard's castle, but soon you realized that this place is full of magical powers so it trapped you inside there! Now you must seek a way out and return home safely! Search everywhere by helping objects and clues and use them to escape from the castle! Good luck!
(Played 507 Times)
Princess Castle Cake 4 princess castle cake 4
Start the game and decorate an amazing castle cake for the princesses! Choose the toppings you like and add a lot of cute decorating items to make the best cake ever! Everyone will be impressed, for sure! Have fun!
(Played 438 Times)
Tri Castle On Lizzie Hearts tri castle on lizzie hearts
Make the cute doll Lizzie Hearts look gorgeous! You can style her hair, apply her make-up, dress her up with elegant clothes and choose the accessories that fits her perfectly! Have fun!
(Played 234 Times)
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