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Barbie Celebrity Crush barbie celebrity crush
Beyonce is Barbie's idol, and the princess wants to look just like her! Help Barbie get three different looks in street style, concert style special event style! Choose her the proper outfit and accessories, so that Barbie can look amazing, in the end! Have fun!
(Played 285 Times)
Barbie Emoji Crush barbie emoji crush
Barbie loves Emoji, and she wants a new look in Emoji style! Join the princess and help her choose the perfect outfit, hairstyle and accessories! Also, apply her a beautiful make-up and she will look lovely, for sure! Have fun!
(Played 330 Times)
Curl Rush curl rush
Curl Rush is a fun adventure game where you have to help a little pal to collect stars and other bonuses and finish the level. Avoid the dangerous creatures on your way. Have fun!
(Played 322 Times)
Curls Fashion curls fashion
These two cuties want to try the curls fashion, and they think you can help them to look gorgeous! Take them in turns, and after you apply the make-up, find them fashionable clothes, hairstyles and accessories! Have fun!
(Played 237 Times)
Disney Princess Ariel Crush disney princess ariel crush
Disney Princess Ariel wants to play Crush with you! Join Ariel in this fun game, and make groups of three or more animals to crush them and earn sore points! Have fun!
(Played 282 Times)
Fashion Curly Model Show fashion curly model show
Join this cute girl and dress her up for a fashion show! Choose the nicest outfit, a perfect hairstyle and some glamorous accessories! In the end she will look great, for sure, thanks to you! Enjoy!
(Played 282 Times)
La Dee Da Juicy Crush Dee As Watermelon Mist la dee da juicy crush dee as watermelon mist
Cute La Dee Da doll, Dee wants to dress up in the Watermelon Mist fashion and she wants you to be her fashion adviser! Join her and you can choose the hairstyle, the outfit and the accessories you like the most, and she will definitely look amazing! Have fun!
(Played 230 Times)
My Crush Dress Up my crush dress up
Here's your change to dress up this cute boy, so he can become your crush! Choose his hairstyle, his clothes and his accesories! Try everyting and see which are the best choices for him! Have fun!
(Played 264 Times)
My Hipster Crush my hipster crush
This girl has a crush on a cute hipster boy named Tom, but he doesn't seem to know she exists! The girl wants to get his attention, but she needs your help for that! First, she must get rid of the ugly clothes she wears, and don't represent her at all, then apply a different make-up, dress up again in a fancy way and style her hair! When the new look is finished, she can choose the best way to ge...
(Played 361 Times)
Princesses High School Crush princesses high school crush
Princess Ariel is in High School where she just met her crush, Prince Eric! Help her get his attention with a cool new look, then dress her up for her meeting! If you decide they should make a couple, dress up Ariel for the ball in this evening! Have fun!
(Played 223 Times)
Zombie rush zombie rush
Magic sword can kill Zombies that slowly approaching this building that are fast and launches these two fighters.Find knockout blow will play the zombies.
(Played 1,637 Times)
Zootopia City Rush zootopia city rush
Play a fun puzzle game with Zootopia characters! Sort each piece in the right way to complete the image! You can press the hint button, to figure how you should do it! Have fun!
(Played 399 Times)
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