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Sadness New IphoneSadness New Iphone
Played 202049 times
Santa gift attiresSanta gift attires
Played 5223 times
Plinga Family BarnPlinga Family Barn
Played 4862 times
Angry PiratesAngry Pirates
Played 3658 times
Gotham city crisisGotham city crisis
Played 3461 times
Arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 4 arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 4
Arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 4 an unknown force is close to reaching the train that we investigate.Discover the mystery and clues that will help solve this mystery unknown.
(Played 1,253 Times)
Arcane online mystery serial  the stone circle episod 1 arcane online mystery serial the stone circle episod 1
Arcane online mystery serial - the stone circle episod 1 is a game of detective mysteries and various missions to uncover the mysteries of different locations.Ask different people on the street to unravel the mystery, clues and keep your eyes everywhere to give any result.You will find that you have the best talent as a detective detective playing online games.
(Played 1,276 Times)
Creepy Cave creepy cave
You must guide Shaggy and Scooby to the cave avoiding the dagers and preventing them from getting frightened. For doing this, you must analyse the surroundings for clues and plan your moves.
(Played 1,650 Times)
Escape From Pretty Children Park escape from pretty children park
Your task is to escape the Escape from Pretty Children Park! Find the clues and the objects you need, to solve the puzzles then escape this place! Use your skills and make it happen! Good luck!
(Played 399 Times)
Escape Plan Temple escape plan temple
You were asleep and suddenly you wake up trapped in a sinister temple and no, it is not a nightmare! You now need to use your intelligence to engineer an escape plan! Search everywhere for clues and useful items that will help you escape somehow from there, just have to figure out how! Good luck!
(Played 494 Times)
EscapeDaHouse escapedahouse
You are trapped in your own home because you lost your keys, but you can get out of there only if you use your skills and find matching items and clues that can help you! After carefully looking over all these things, set your mind to the task to find the way to escape! Good luck!
(Played 569 Times)
Flopad Supercharged flopad supercharged
Good day, Detective! You have received a new mission! All the information have been sent to you via e-mail, so turn on your tablet and check it! After you read the briefing, you can use GPS feature to travel, search for clues and take photos of them! Good luck!
(Played 608 Times)
Frozen Anna Classroom Cleanup frozen anna classroom cleanup
It's back to school day tomorrow, but the classroom is so dirty! Can you help princess Frozen Anna clean it up? Use the mouse to drag the items to correct position! Press HINT button for clues, if need be! Have fun!
(Played 224 Times)
Just Another Escape just another escape
You wake up you're locked in your hotel room and no one is around to help you! You must now escape on your own from there because u risk being late for an important meeting so keep your head cool and look around for objects and clues that will help you escape from there! Good luck!
(Played 539 Times)
Max Skyler Stolen Relic max skyler stolen relic
You are Max Skyler, one of the finest detective in the city. Today, you just been assigned have a new case, open your computer and read the briefing on your e-mail! After that, use your detective skills to search for hidden clues and solve this case! Good luck!
(Played 555 Times)
Murder in hotel murder in hotel
There's been a terrible political murder in a hotel, and you are the detective assigned to investigate the crime scene! Look carefully everywhere for clues that can be important leads! Put all pieces together and figure out the truth! Good luck!
(Played 539 Times)
Must Escape the Wizard Castle must escape the wizard castle
You started an adventure and decided to explore the Wizard's castle, but soon you realized that this place is full of magical powers so it trapped you inside there! Now you must seek a way out and return home safely! Search everywhere by helping objects and clues and use them to escape from the castle! Good luck!
(Played 512 Times)
Mystery Case The Lost Child mystery case the lost child
You are a brave detective and you have a new mission! You must investigate a missing child case! Use your skills and interrogate suspects, solve puzzles and look for clues! Find hidden objects that can be important proofs! Good luck!
(Played 632 Times)
Princess Room Escape princess room escape
Play and help the Wizard of the lost world to use his magical powers to awaken Sleeping Beauty and then to escape the cursed castle! You have to find clues that will help so carefully looking around and see what items you can use to accomplish your goal! Good luck!
(Played 460 Times)
Spa Room Escape spa room escape
You just had a relaxing session at the spa salon, but unfortunately you got stuck there. You have to find a way out and go home, otherwise you risk to spend the night there. Look around and find items and clues to help you escape the room and time to reach home! Good luck!
(Played 429 Times)
Space Escape space escape
When driving a car space is very hard because gravity is very high and is very hard.We control a car has a space where you as a driver circuit car space will have to get rid of this space infernal.Collect small planets clues to find the way to release the car.Play Online Games for boys space, space race car and many other cars driving games.
(Played 1,329 Times)
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