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Zombie rushZombie rush
Played 1627 times
Zombie trainZombie train
Played 1586 times
Zombie inglorZombie inglor
Played 1551 times
Kill all zombiesKill all zombies
Played 1546 times
Zombie truckZombie truck
Played 1534 times

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Zombie MadnessZombie Madness
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Decision 2 New CityDecision 2 New City
Jucat online de 516 ori
Defend the CastleDefend the Castle
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Curse VillageCurse Village
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Endless Zombie Rampage 2Endless Zombie Rampage 2
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Category Description
Zombie games for all kids who like horror games and want to feel adrenaline destroying zombies that have invaded these towns.Plants vs Zombies 2 is hard game with zombies in the plants and zombies at war for supremacy.Only zombie games for everyone to be happy when you shoot zombies.

Zombies Games

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Army of the Dead army of the dead
Zombie invasion threatens apocalypse but you and your special unit must prevent it from happening! Go around hot spots across the world and exterminate the dangerous creatures before they take over human race! Good luck!
(Played 664 Times)
Curse Village curse village
Prevent your village being invaded by the zombie hordes. Use your weapons and kill as many of them as you can! They cannot reach the village or every single one of you will be killed and turned into zombies! Good luck!
(Played 590 Times)
Dead Town dead town
Your town has been invaded by zombies, and you must find your way to a safe place! The street is full of deadly creatures, luckily you have your shotgun with you and a baseball bat! Use them and kill the zombies! Good luck!
(Played 659 Times)
Decision 2 New City decision 2 new city
Your city is invaded by deadly creatures, and you must stop them before it's too late! Use your shooting skills and kill them all! You have many missions and you can unlock achievements if you complete them! Good luck!
(Played 516 Times)
Defend the Castle defend the castle
You are a brave archer and you must defend your castle from the hordes of zombies! The walls cannot break under their claws or every hope for the mankind will be lost! Unlock archer skills as you play and use them to be more precise and deadly! Good luck!
(Played 553 Times)
Divine Intervention divine intervention
Apocalypse is near, the zombies has taken over your city! You are the last hope of mankind, a priest who must fight the evil and stop it before it's too late! Shoot every zombie in your way, God is with you!
(Played 550 Times)
Elite Squad elite squad
Play and build your own elite squad of heroes to neutralize the zombies attack! They have invaded the city and must be stopped with all costs! Kill them all and unlock new weapons and upgrades! Good luck!
(Played 755 Times)
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 endless zombie rampage 2
Zombies overrun the city, and nobody is safe anymore! You have some shooting skills, and in these troubled times only that can keep you alive! Come on then, use them to kill some deadly walkers!
(Played 561 Times)
Funky zombie funky zombie
Funky zombies is a free game for children zombi.Aici you to manifest some roads to collect various objects to escape from this room horror.You are in the famous castle Dracula Vlad Tepes have more say and how do you meet different ghosts here that need to escape.
(Played 1,345 Times)
Kill all zombies kill all zombies
To destroy all the zombies need this powerful car with big wheels, who can go anywhere.Handle carefully eliminating all zombies on this route cemetery.
(Played 1,546 Times)
The Last Stand the last stand
Zombies are attacking in waves and you must protect your outpost for reinforcements to come! They are growing in numbers, so use your aiming skills and put them all to the ground! Good luck!
(Played 559 Times)
Zombie Fight Club zombie fight club
Zombies fighting championship has begun! You are the master of this fighter zombie, give him weapons and upgrades to face it's rivals in the fight arena and defeat them! Who will be the next champion? Go for it!
(Played 613 Times)
Zombie inglor zombie inglor
Zombies have invaded the city, and someone should do something about it to permanently remove this zombie mutants.ou will be those using the weapons you have left pulling and removing all of this town.
(Played 1,551 Times)
Zombie Madness zombie madness
Zombies are growing in numbers and somebody has to stop them before they take over the country and the world! You are a solider and if anyone can fight them, you are! Use your weapons and kill them all! Good luck!
(Played 596 Times)
Zombie rush zombie rush
Magic sword can kill Zombies that slowly approaching this building that are fast and launches these two fighters.Find knockout blow will play the zombies.
(Played 1,627 Times)
Zombie train zombie train
The train horror will find many zombies to eliminate you, but you're smarter weapons you use is going to shoot this zombie paradise.You can buy different weapons more powerful because you can handle the crowds of zombies that will come.
(Played 1,586 Times)
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