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Blob warsBlob wars
Played 1473 times
War bearsWar bears
Played 1447 times
Dwarf on the wharfDwarf on the wharf
Played 1139 times
Played 967 times
Destroyers bombDestroyers bomb
Played 860 times

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Winter WarsWinter Wars
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Militia WarsMilitia Wars
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Mercenary WarsMercenary Wars
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Army ConflictArmy Conflict
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Ultimate Army 5Ultimate Army 5
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Category Description
War games online for all children who want to play the hottest games.Participate in numerous wars in which these games are recreating the old wars and new wars in the past but to conquer things.All these war games will make fun of each child whether to have a boy.

War Games

Army Conflict army conflict
You are at war with terrorists, grab your weapon and kill them before they kill you! Use your mouse to aim and shoot and the R key to reload! Try to be accurate and lethal! Good luck!
(Played 624 Times)
Blob wars blob wars
Blob wars is a fun game for kids.You can play the doubles were the simple blobs.Gain control of the board by atacking your opponents blobs and converting them to your own.
(Played 1,473 Times)
Destroyers bomb destroyers bomb
Bombs destroyers for this game. You have to be careful where the bomb and run away to not die. You need to have directed attention to the pitfalls.
(Played 860 Times)
Dwarf on the wharf dwarf on the wharf
Dwarf on the wharf is a game that two dwarfs and giants where the aim of the game is to push it and send the dwarf as far offshore.
(Played 1,139 Times)
Imperium War 3 imperium war 3
Battle with your army against enemies and try to do your best to conquer and best them! This battles are very important and the war's fate is in your hands! Good luck!
(Played 522 Times)
Intrusion intrusion
You are a brave soldier at war, and your mission is go behind enemy lines and destroy their units, soldiers and robots and accomplish the mission! Use your weapons you have and eliminate all the enemies! Good luck!
(Played 967 Times)
Mercenary Wars mercenary wars
You are a top class mercenary soldier and your mission is to eliminate all the enemies in each level! Use WASD keys to move and mouse to shoot them! Take cover when you are exposed and kill them all! Good luck!
(Played 517 Times)
Militia Wars militia wars
You are a trained Militia solider and you are sent to eliminate the mercenary enemies! Use your shooting skills and kill everyone of them, aim for the head to kill them faster! Use the mouse and WASD keys to play! Have fun!
(Played 719 Times)
Ultimate Army 5 ultimate army 5
Your army is at war! Control the base and send troops to attack enemy bases! Use your mouse to scroll the map and control the army! Good luck!
(Played 498 Times)
War bears war bears
Heaven Bears captured the family of people in a good building.The bear goes into action to destroy these simple bear heaven for release hostage.Use those swords to defend yourself from those hated very bad.
(Played 1,447 Times)
Winter Wars winter wars
Drive your catapult with the arrow keys to the enemy castle, and collect ammo on the way! When you reached the castle, use space key to charge the catapult and destroy all targets to go on to the next level! Have fun and good luck!
(Played 519 Times)
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