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Mario skateboardMario skateboard
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Paint MarioPaint Mario
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Mario worldMario world
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Mario on rocketMario on rocket
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Mario tnt 1Mario tnt 1
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Super Mario AdventureSuper Mario Adventure
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Mario Jumping StarMario Jumping Star
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Mario DifferencesMario Differences
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Mario Alien InvadersMario Alien Invaders
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Super Mini MarioSuper Mini Mario
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Category Description
Mario games for kids.I'll find Mario's world entertainment you need.Mario will fight dragons, you drive a tractor, a truck have a motorcycle to find aces princess who was captured by dragon fire.

Mario Games

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A Koopas Revenge a koopas revenge
Koopa is on a journey to rescue his boss, Bowser and take revenge on Mario who kidnapped him! Join him in his adventure! Move the character with arrow keys and A to jump! Have fun!
(Played 584 Times)
CG Mario cg mario
Play and help Mario to finish all the six levels in this new game! On the way you can collect coins, eat mushrooms to grow up and flowers to shoot or freeze enemies! Use the arrow keys to move and X to shoot! Have fun!
(Played 584 Times)
Mario Alien Invaders mario alien invaders
Mario is facing a dangerous mission, he must save the Earth from the alien's invasion! You must help him complete it successfully, the whole mankind depends on it! Use arrow keys to move Mario, C key to throw fireballs and do your best to avoid the enemy attacks! Good luck!
(Played 500 Times)
Mario Differences mario differences
Find 5 differences between two similar pictures with the characters from the Mario World! You have only 60 seconds, so do it before the time runs out! If you click wrong too many times the game is over! Have fun playing!
(Played 667 Times)
Mario Egypt Run mario egypt run
Join Mario in his great adventure in Egypt! Two giant cannon bullets are after him and he must dodge them, and a new series of enemies! Use the arrow keys to move Mario and X to throw fireball! Have fun!
(Played 612 Times)
Mario Jumping Star mario jumping star
Mario is a jumping star! Help him jump over the wheels and collect as many coins he can on the way! Be careful not to drop him! When you have enough money, you can unlock new characters, like Luigi or Toad! Have fun!
(Played 483 Times)
Mario kaboom mario kaboom
Mario kaboom is a shooter game with guns and cannons.Collect those coins in the world of Mario using a cannon firing.Watch as these traps do not go through this because you lose the mario.
(Played 1,393 Times)
Mario Kart Legend mario kart legend
Play and help Mario to qualify for the cups! He must finish in the top 4 or he will be out! You can choose the difficulty level for each cup! Use the arrow keys to drive! Have fun!
(Played 597 Times)
Mario Kart Revenge mario kart revenge
Mario must catch Bowser while driving their karts but the evil turtle is throwing obstacles at him! Help Mario dodge them, and catch Bowser to take revenge on him! Have fun!
(Played 612 Times)
Mario Mushroom Adventure mario mushroom adventure
Play in a great Mario adventure and collect mushrooms to grow and flowers to shoot enemies! The final boss is Bowser, the evil turtle which kidnapped princess! Help Mario save her! Have fun!
(Played 504 Times)
Mario New World 3 mario new world 3
Play a new adventure in Mario New World 3! Join the little fellow and explore this new and wonderful world! Use the arrow keys to control Mario, and collect coins on the way! Have fun!
(Played 539 Times)
Mario on rocket mario on rocket
Mario on Rocket long struggle to reach his wife but some obstacles prevent it. What are the obstacles? Obstacles are the towers. He has to take all the pennies and the racket of the towers to fly directly to it. Collect pennies of blocks and rockets.
(Played 1,609 Times)
Mario skateboard mario skateboard
Mario skateboard is a nice hard game and this will be part of the adventure adventurer's life in this skateboard racing on a track very deficil and collecting those gold coins that will bring most coins.
(Played 1,729 Times)
Mario tnt 1 mario tnt 1
Love between Mario and Princess is very high, but the distance separating them.You can make this love to revive, planting bombs and blast to bring them next to another one.Positioned behind the bombs and blast these two adventurers will bring about.
(Played 1,593 Times)
Mario world mario world
Mario's world is fun.Because we love Mario's adventures we will help to overcome obstacles.Collect pennies, mushrooms and skip over the biggest obstacles.
(Played 1,686 Times)
Paint Mario paint mario
Mario Paint is based on a series of exciting colors that you will use this board to give color colorful little adventurer that we used.Bring him to actually coloring the original colors that Mary wears.Dyes and become a true artist and have fun coloring various artistic characters.
(Played 1,688 Times)
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