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Santa gift attiresSanta gift attires
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Naked santaNaked santa
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Santa coloringSanta coloring
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X mas cake decorX mas cake decor
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New year 2014New year 2014
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Category Description
In this category of games of the hottest holiday games for the holidays.Christmas celebration where Santa brings gifts to good kids is the most anticipated by many children who want to receive a gift.Valentine's Day celebration is expected to love those who love couples.Halloween is a holiday that is awaited by a lot of people who love to dress up in creatures and monsters to scare people and children are going to ask for candy from people.Easter celebration announcing the resurrection of Jesus and is celebrated with great sanctity by the faithful.And the annual celebration again when we move into a new year better, with many achievements and enjoy.

Holiday Games

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New Years Eve Party new years eve party
New Years Eve Party is about to start, but this pretty girl is not ready for it, yet! Can you help her? Start by styling her hair and applying her make-up, then find her the prefect outfit and accessories! Have fun!
(Played 218 Times)
New Years Fashion Resolutions new years fashion resolutions
Help this pretty lady establish her New Years Fashion Resolutions! Style her hair, choose her a fancy outfit and pick her the matching pair of shoes! Surely, she will look gorgeous in the end! Have fun!
(Played 221 Times)
Posy Teens Happy New Year posy teens happy new year
Posy Teens want to celebrate the New Year with a lot of fun and some yummy cakes! Play and help these three cute girls to decorate the most delicious dessert and they will be so happy and thankful! Have fun!
(Played 436 Times)
Princess New Year Ball princess new year ball
Play and join the cute princesses Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel to the new year ball, and choose them the finest outfits, new hairstyles and some matching accessories! They will look amazing and will have so much fun together!
(Played 455 Times)
Rapunzel Mommy Christmas Tree rapunzel mommy christmas tree
Play and help Mommy Rapunzel and her beautiful daughter to create a nice Christmas tree this year! Plant the tree, and when it is grown, decorate it with beautiful globes, candies and garlands! Have fun!
(Played 441 Times)
Reindeer Girl reindeer girl
This lovely girl is celebrating winter holidays and she wants to dress up like a reindeer! Play and help her with the make-up and hairstyle, then choose the best outfit! In the end, add her cute accessories like reindeer horns and jewels! Have fun!
(Played 435 Times)
Roman Holiday roman holiday
These two cute girls will go together in Rome for a holiday! Can you help them get prepared for the trip? Take them in turns, and apply their make-up, style their hairdos and choose them trendy clothes and accessories! Have fun!
(Played 227 Times)
Russian new year russian new year
Spend another year with Russian characters and contrast of two almost identical pictures.Small differences that are hidden to make the game more interesting and fun.A New Year 2014 where you will find fun in these online games for kids.
(Played 1,464 Times)
Santa Claus Hair Salon santa claus hair salon
Santa Claus needs you right now! He's about to go on this Christmas journey to deliver presents to the kids around the world, but his hair is not looking good, and he can't go like this! Play and join him at the Hair Salon and wash his hair, then style it! Santa will look great in the end and he will not forget to give you a wonderful gift! Have fun!
(Played 435 Times)
Santa coloring santa coloring
Santa Claus is a character who brings gifts to good children.He will be happy when you see kids that will draw a portrait that you will give.You apply specific colors to specific celebration of Christmas and Santa you will turn red because that's his favorite color.Holidays Christmas Games for everyone.Santa and child coloring the portrait.
(Played 1,765 Times)
Santa Eye Care Doctor santa eye care doctor
Santa had a lot of presents to pack and check, so his eyes are tired now and sees blurry! He's old and things like this happen, but you can be his doctor and make him well again! Be with him at the hospital and give eye treatments and make him see well again! He will be so happy and grateful!
(Played 410 Times)
Santa gift attires santa gift attires
The winter holidays bring Santa Claus comes to girls and boys gifts, Cars and dolls for the most obedient children.Children must be prepared and you choose clothes that will meet Santa.They get a beautiful and fun Christmas because Santa will come with full bag.Christmas games with old men and children.
(Played 5,175 Times)
Santa Gift Shop santa gift shop
Santa has a gift shop for those who did not received any presents this year, or if they want to buy them for someone else! Play and help him sell the items to collect the target money sum and make these children happy! Have fun!
(Played 414 Times)
Santas Little Helpers santas little helpers
Santa Clause has a lot of presents to deliver this Christmas, be his helper and prepare gifts for all the kids! Read their letters to see what they want and start packing them the presents! Have fun!
(Played 415 Times)
Santas Village 2 santas village 2
Santa's Village is preparing for celebrating Christmas this year, join the fun and help Santa to decorate it with good taste so it can be absolutely amazing! Choose the decorating items for the Christmas tree, a snowman and a reindeer! Make sure the village will be awesome in the end! Have fun!
(Played 471 Times)
Santas Xmas Tricks santas xmas tricks
Santa is going on a journey to deliver presents to the kids all around the world, and he wants to kiss his wife goodbye! They are shy and elves are around, help him hug his love without being seen by anyone! Have fun!
(Played 460 Times)
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