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Dora fishingDora fishing
Played 1432 times
Crazy fishermanCrazy fisherman
Played 1419 times
Lake fishingLake fishing
Played 1383 times
Fish and serve 2Fish and serve 2
Played 1344 times
Fishing for nemoFishing for nemo
Played 1252 times

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Funny FishingFunny Fishing
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Tom And Ginger Fishing DayTom And Ginger Fishing Day
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Baby Seven Fishing TimeBaby Seven Fishing Time
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Ice FishingIce Fishing
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Dora fishingDora fishing
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Category Description
In this category you'll find fun fishing games catching fish with fishing rod.Enjoy the games about which you will have to use rod were fishing rod to catch fish.

Fishing Games

Baby Seven Fishing Time baby seven fishing time
It's fishing time, for Baby Seven! She wants to catch many fishes, but she needs your help! Join her on the boat and make sure she will catch the required number of fishes, in the given time! Watch out for garbages, because the boat will sink if it's too heavy! Have fun!
(Played 353 Times)
Crazy fisherman crazy fisherman
Fishing games for boys and fishing girls.In this period is fashionable especially as it runs alongside the famous Shaolin china Chinese.Fish will jump out if you know how to push the buttons to pull the fish to the surface.
(Played 1,419 Times)
Dora fishing dora fishing
Dora is fond of fishing, to love a lot to catch fish and sit on the pond with his new boat.Requirements over is very high, so with dora the biggest fish you catch.Fun with Dora and her friends fishing boat.
(Played 1,432 Times)
Fish and serve 2 fish and serve 2
Fished directly from the sea and prepared the most delicious burgers to customers waiting.A serving over like at home, using baits catch fish.
(Played 1,344 Times)
Fishing for nemo fishing for nemo
To catch nemo requires a strong shot wide for there lives nemo.Cork will be above the water and when it will move nemo fish bait will be in addition to and when you shoot you will shoot and colorful to catch a fish.
(Played 1,252 Times)
Fishing master fishing master
A professional fishing involves a lot of work but also dexterity in handling the rod and the rod in the water.Pesit smaller or larger fish, whales and turtles all we fish, dive out of things.
(Played 1,194 Times)
Funny Fishing funny fishing
Fishing can be fun, if you are wearing the proper outfit and you are with your best friend! Join this two cute BFFS on their boat for a fun fishing session, and make sure they will look pretty! Enjoy!
(Played 296 Times)
Ice Fishing ice fishing
Play this game and show your fisherman skills in winter time! Choose the right bait and try to catch as many fishes as you can! You can move around in the are if there's no more fish to catch in your location! Use the mouse to play and have fun ice fishing!
(Played 495 Times)
Lake fishing lake fishing
For fishing enthusiasts online invite you to fish the biggest fish in the lakes.Fishing rod is easy, throw rod and pull towards the shore, and if you bring something caught shore fishing for prey to be yours fishing games for kids big and small..
(Played 1,383 Times)
Old man fishing old man fishing
Fishing with old men for girls and boys.On the boat with fishing rod in hand you'll help Santa to fish this fish, as much for a higher score.You will shun those dark clouds that causes lightning rod and will use only the sea to catch fish.
(Played 1,223 Times)
Tom And Ginger Fishing Day tom and ginger fishing day
Tom and his son, Ginger will go out fishing today, because the weather is just fine for that! Help them pack the things they need, then drive them to the pond! When they arrive, help them catch as many fish as possible, and have a great time with them!
(Played 316 Times)
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