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Ant kentoAnt kento
Played 1451 times
Street fighter 2Street fighter 2
Played 1427 times
Glaticus zeroGlaticus zero
Played 1412 times
Bloody rageBloody rage
Played 1296 times
King of fighting death machKing of fighting death mach
Played 1203 times

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Karate BlazersKarate Blazers
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Street AvengerStreet Avenger
Jucat online de 534 ori
Wing LegendWing Legend
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Combat CollegeCombat College
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Nasty NinjaNasty Ninja
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Category Description
n category Fighting games you will discover the most powerful fighters who are fighting in the ring fighting.A fair fight in a tournament with great stars who stood out by beating opponents they apply.Wrestling with strong Chinese who have great power of mind and know how to fight in an arena.Boxing Fights trained people to meet kicks boxing public.Heavyweight fights such as sumo and other strong fighters.

Fighting Games

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Action Sword action sword
You are a brave ninja, and your mission is to defeat the bad guys and save your land! Use your sword to fight them and kill every one of your enemies! Time to go and show them your fighting skills!
(Played 508 Times)
Ant kento ant kento
Battles between nerve ants on a rope.Strongest ants will fight on a rope to establish supremacy nest aces.Be the best it wields this rod to get off ant the rope.
(Played 1,451 Times)
Bloody rage bloody rage
Dozens of heroes will battle in a fighting tournament to become the best fighters.Spiderman, Wolverine, Goku, Superman, people in black and other mysterious characters that lei has met over the years.
(Played 1,296 Times)
Combat College combat college
You have to beat the bad guys from your college and teach them they cannot bully you! You are a great fighter show them your fighting skills and they will fear you!
(Played 516 Times)
Dragon Spirits dragon spirits
Fight a large number of enemies using your martial arts skills! Show them that they are no match for you! Collect food from defeated enemies to restore health! Be careful when their boss arrive, he fights a lot better! Good luck!
(Played 556 Times)
Glaticus zero glaticus zero
Glaticus zero is a superhero, the best fighter stellar universe will occur by evil men.Have at hand a sword that still would not let sun, it will do its job to fight bravely.You use sword and pistol but breaking dozens of robots in the arena of battle.
(Played 1,412 Times)
Karate Blazers karate blazers
Karate Blazers is a nice classic fighting game, where you have to choose your favorite fighter and beat the bad guys from your city! Use the arrow keys to move and the X, C and Space keys to play! Good luck!
(Played 560 Times)
King of fighting death mach king of fighting death mach
Kings street battles are apples strongest because here they learned how to fight and how to go hard learning to fight.For this tour you choose a good fighter to play and beat all opponents in direct combat.
(Played 1,203 Times)
Nasty Ninja nasty ninja
Help the Nasty Ninja to save the world by fighting very bad guys! He is the only one strong enough to challenge his enemies and defeat them one by one! Use the arrow keys to move and the A, S keys to attack! Good luck!
(Played 535 Times)
Soul Fighters soul fighters
Play this new cool turn based fighting game! Choose the appropriate strategy and attack your enemy, while defending in the same time! Let's see who is the best trained fighter! Good luck!
(Played 513 Times)
Street Avenger street avenger
Choose your hero and go on and battle the bad guys on the streets! Each level has a boss so go on and kick his ass, too! Find medical kits on the way to restore your lost health, and good luck in your mission!
(Played 534 Times)
Street fighter 2 street fighter 2
Ryu is one of the best fighters at defeat with force as a child.Help you win the big prize at wrestling champion handing out punches and kicks opponent in direct combat.
(Played 1,427 Times)
The Strongs Fighting the strongs fighting
The strongest fighters in the world have gathered in a world tournament! Which one is the best? They all have skills and great moves, but in the end only one will be the champion! Play and have fun!
(Played 463 Times)
Ultimate Fighting ultimate fighting
Choose your favorite fighter, each one with unique skills and fighting styles, and go on missions to kill enemies! Collect on the way dropped coins and avoid fires! Have fun!
(Played 534 Times)
Wing Legend wing legend
Wing Legend is a cool online fighting game, where you are a kung-fu master who has the mission to clean the city streets from the bad guys! Use WASD key combination to move and J,K to attack! Good luck!
(Played 511 Times)
World Boxing Tournament world boxing tournament
Choose your favorite boxer and fight in the ring! Will you be the next world champion? You can play vs. computer or vs. other human player! Come on then, go and throw some punches!
(Played 456 Times)
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