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Escape 3Escape 3
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Alpine escapeAlpine escape
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Prison breakPrison break
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Mouse runMouse run
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Escape from clowncatrazEscape from clowncatraz
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Category Description
Escape Games For all Kids.Logic and skill games in which the game is and will be to look for clues and escape from a building have a different location.Entertainment and fun with these online games that every child needs.Horror and more clues that you will have to find them if you want to escape from the building.Escape 3d for all.

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Alpine escape alpine escape
Alpine Escape is an online game for childrens.Here you will get rid of planes in the sky and flying balloons because these facts are put on rele.Te you avoid the bombs dropped that to survive in this war planes.Getting rid of these planes will be able to give a helping hand for this war to end.
(Played 1,417 Times)
Carrot escape carrot escape
This carrot was captured by the Evil Food Company, and he must escape the box he's in, otherwise he will be eaten! Luckily he has a fellow who will help him, but he needs you also! Look around for useful objects, and figure a way to get out of there before is to late! Good luck!
(Played 688 Times)
Cinderella French Mansion Escape cinderella french mansion escape
Cinderella came to see France and she is accommodated at a French Manson! Unfortunately today she realized that she is locked inside, and she needs to find a way to get out of there! You have to help Cinderella to escape, by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles! Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles! Good luck!
(Played 339 Times)
Circus Clown Escape circus clown escape
The main attraction of this famous circus, a skilled clown was tied up somewhere by his competitor, to make him lose his reputation! Your task is to find him and help him escape, so that he can return to duty and to continue entertaining people! Good luck!
(Played 520 Times)
Cold Room Escape cold room escape
You hired as an assistant chef at a restaurant, but unfortunately the very first day you're stuck in the fridge and you have to find a way out before you die freezing. Use your skills and use appropriate items to be able to get out until it's too late! Good luck!
(Played 566 Times)
Escape 3 escape 3
In this galactic environment maid must escape the scary aliens will eat it.You use the gun to shoot these galactic monsters.Be quick in handling these weapons and do not let the aliens to reach your right.
(Played 1,610 Times)
Escape from clowncatraz escape from clowncatraz
Clowns from Alcatraz Prison is one of the safest, but clowns want to escape and only you will be their escape.
(Played 1,193 Times)
Escape From Pretty Children Park escape from pretty children park
Your task is to escape the Escape from Pretty Children Park! Find the clues and the objects you need, to solve the puzzles then escape this place! Use your skills and make it happen! Good luck!
(Played 372 Times)
Escape Plan Dragon Castle escape plan dragon castle
You wake up suddenly in the dragon's castle without knowing how you got here! It's time to make your plan and get out of there until the dragon is back! Search carefully in all places and solve puzzles, find useful objects and use them to escape as soon as possible! Good luck!
(Played 454 Times)
Escape Plan Temple escape plan temple
You were asleep and suddenly you wake up trapped in a sinister temple and no, it is not a nightmare! You now need to use your intelligence to engineer an escape plan! Search everywhere for clues and useful items that will help you escape somehow from there, just have to figure out how! Good luck!
(Played 469 Times)
Escape The Princess Room escape the princess room
Are you clever enough to escape from this princess room? Use your skills and search everywhere for hints and useful objects, than make your way out from the room! Good luck!
(Played 322 Times)
EscapeDaHouse escapedahouse
You are trapped in your own home because you lost your keys, but you can get out of there only if you use your skills and find matching items and clues that can help you! After carefully looking over all these things, set your mind to the task to find the way to escape! Good luck!
(Played 539 Times)
Hurry and Escape The Haunted House hurry and escape the haunted house
You are now in a haunted house without having any idea how you got there, but it matters less what matters is to find a way to escape from this creepy place! Search everywhere useful objects and use them to find the way out before time runs out! Good luck!
(Played 507 Times)
Just Another Escape just another escape
You wake up you're locked in your hotel room and no one is around to help you! You must now escape on your own from there because u risk being late for an important meeting so keep your head cool and look around for objects and clues that will help you escape from there! Good luck!
(Played 510 Times)
Mouse run mouse run
Mouse is surrounded by cats that wants to annihilate, but Using his speed and some improvement of such as laser, bombs and other weapons to catch that mouse.
(Played 1,405 Times)
Must Escape Dragon Cave must escape dragon cave
You were trapped inside the dragon cave, and you must find a way out and escape before the dragon returns, otherwise you'll be in deep trouble! Explore the rooms and use your skills and interact with objects around! This is your only chance! Good luck!
(Played 408 Times)
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