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Zootopia Investigation MischiefZootopia Investigation Mischief
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Be A DetectiveBe A Detective
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Detective ClaraDetective Clara
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Hidden EvidencesHidden Evidences
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Category Description
A game detective has something in addition to other online games.With these games you will learn how to get the best detective in the world.You will receive several missions to address them and if you do then you will become a detective.The detective hottest games in 2013.

Detective Games

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Arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 2 arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 2
In the next series Arcane Mystery Serial The Stone Circle Episode 2 will reveal new mysteries in coloseul in London where this lady gets various envelopes and letters.Various riddles that you have to unravels, resolving this case without headaches.
(Played 1,334 Times)
Arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 3 arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 3
Arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 3 action takes place on a deserted ship where you'll meet if you watch people dressed weird.It is important to solve the mystery going for those people and solving the case.
(Played 1,173 Times)
Arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 4 arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 4
Arcane mystery serial the stone circle episode 4 an unknown force is close to reaching the train that we investigate.Discover the mystery and clues that will help solve this mystery unknown.
(Played 1,243 Times)
Arcane online mystery serial  the stone circle episod 1 arcane online mystery serial the stone circle episod 1
Arcane online mystery serial - the stone circle episod 1 is a game of detective mysteries and various missions to uncover the mysteries of different locations.Ask different people on the street to unravel the mystery, clues and keep your eyes everywhere to give any result.You will find that you have the best talent as a detective detective playing online games.
(Played 1,266 Times)
Be A Detective be a detective
Help this cute horse to be a detective and find around the farm all sorts of animals and objects like turtles, bunnies, ducks or carrots! Move around using your mouse and start finding the required number of items! Have fun!
(Played 1,059 Times)
Cycling among cars cycling among cars
This bike is stuck between cars and now there's no way to escape. He needs your help urgently because he must reach the competition racing bicycles help him through out the damaged cars.
(Played 1,455 Times)
Debbie Detective debbie detective
Debbie is a cute girl and she has just been promoted to detective rank in the police force! Today is her first day so help her get prepared! There was already reported a crime, so she got to go at the scene as soon as possible! Hurry up and choose her the best clothes and accessories! She can't be too late!
(Played 546 Times)
Detective Clara detective clara
Detective Clara is on the tracks of a thief, play and help her finding him and play 60 cool and interesting levels! Your goal is to connect her path, use your mouse to rotate it! Good luck!
(Played 585 Times)
Flopad Supercharged flopad supercharged
Good day, Detective! You have received a new mission! All the information have been sent to you via e-mail, so turn on your tablet and check it! After you read the briefing, you can use GPS feature to travel, search for clues and take photos of them! Good luck!
(Played 597 Times)
Hidden Evidences hidden evidences
Hello, detective! You are going to have a busy day today, you must go and find the hidden evidences at different locations. Use your skills and find the objects in messy rooms, but remember that your time is limited! Good luck!
(Played 691 Times)
Max Skyler Stolen Relic max skyler stolen relic
You are Max Skyler, one of the finest detective in the city. Today, you just been assigned have a new case, open your computer and read the briefing on your e-mail! After that, use your detective skills to search for hidden clues and solve this case! Good luck!
(Played 542 Times)
Miss Detective Dress Up miss detective dress up
This cute lady detective is going at work, but first she needs some help to prepare herself. Play and be there for her! Make her look stunning. You get to choose her hairstyle, clothes, and some cool detective accessories! You will see that in the end she looks really amazing! Have fun!
(Played 527 Times)
Murder in hotel murder in hotel
There's been a terrible political murder in a hotel, and you are the detective assigned to investigate the crime scene! Look carefully everywhere for clues that can be important leads! Put all pieces together and figure out the truth! Good luck!
(Played 527 Times)
Mystery Case The Lost Child mystery case the lost child
You are a brave detective and you have a new mission! You must investigate a missing child case! Use your skills and interrogate suspects, solve puzzles and look for clues! Find hidden objects that can be important proofs! Good luck!
(Played 620 Times)
Pricilla Gone Missing pricilla gone missing
Your aunt, Pricilla has gone missing and you are the only one who can investigate and find out what happened and where is she! Use your detective skills and look for hints! Every seconds matters so hurry up, don't waste any more time! Good luck!
(Played 621 Times)
Sherlock Holmes sherlock holmes
Famous detective Sherlock Holmes has a new mission! He must find at the crime scene five differences in 90 seconds! Look carefully at the before and after scene and find them quickly, but be advised, if you guess wrong you will lose time! Good luck!
(Played 617 Times)
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