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Kids resort decorKids resort decor
Played 1318 times
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Category Description
In decorating games category you will be able to decorate various rooms of houses, bedrooms and bathrooms which require massive fixes.It is very simple to decorate some things if you put into practice a plan for debate to be able to quickly decorate any decor.Everyone will decorate Barbie's bedroom chin were happy to make the beautiful girl. So you learn how to decorate your own video image.

Decoration Games

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Girly Study Decoration girly study decoration
Use your decorating skills and create a nice girly study room. Choose the interior design, the window, the furniture and the decorating items you like and make an awesome room for any nerd girl! Have fun!
(Played 204 Times)
Halloween Birthday Cake halloween birthday cake
Create a fabulous Halloween Birthday Cake using your decorating skills! Choose the layers, then add delicious toppings and cute Halloween themed candies! Have fun!
(Played 221 Times)
Halloween Pumpkin Decor halloween pumpkin decor
This year's Halloween you get to decorate your own pumpkin and make it a funny or creepy jack-o'lantern! You can choose the body shape, nose, eyes and mouth! Have fun while creating the most amazing pumpkin for this holiday! Happy Halloween!
(Played 384 Times)
Halloween Room Decor halloween room decor
Decorate your room for Halloween this year! You have plenty of spooky objects and furniture, arrange them as you like and turn it into a very sinister room, just like in the spirit of Halloween! Have fun!
(Played 427 Times)
Halloween Room Decoration halloween room decoration
Halloween is coming, a very famous worldwide celebration so should you decorate the room for the party. Play and choose furniture and wall model, window and floor and then add various spooky decorative objects with ghosts and skeletons. Make this room to be ready for Halloween and have fun doing it!
(Played 464 Times)
Honey House honey house
Decorate a Honey House, after your own preferences! You have to complete three rooms: living room, bedroom and kitchen and the garden! Choose the nicest items to make the house look great!
(Played 187 Times)
Ice Kingdom ice kingdom
Create your own Ice Kingdom in this cool decorating game! First of all, select the land, then add buildings, trees, objects and people! Have fun!
(Played 200 Times)
Ice Kingdom Maker ice kingdom maker
Make your own Ice Kingdom in this decorating game! The kingdom is empty now, but you have a lot of things to add! Choose the characters and the objects you like, then place them in the landscape! Have fun!
(Played 243 Times)
Kids resort decor kids resort decor
Kids resort decor is a recreational game.You will create your own amusement park including machines and trains that run on rails.Candy stores are in great demand in this park you will place those that store in the park.
(Played 1,318 Times)
Kids store decor kids store decor
Kids store decor Children have a store where you decorate those shelves with good kids favorite toys.Each toy has its shelf, so you will sit on the shelf that toy fair.For children the most interesting games decorations.
(Played 1,342 Times)
Lego House lego house
Certainly you liked Lego pieces and create all sorts of interesting objects using them, so what do you say now you decorate a lego house? Play and you will have a great time! Choose the most beautiful models for both the house and the objects around in your style and create an amazing home! You can start right away, have fun!
(Played 480 Times)
Littest Pet Shop Phone Decor littest pet shop phone decor
Help the cute little pets to decorate their owner's phone, a pretty girl! You have amazing colors, patterns, phone cases and decorating items, choose whatever you like the most and make sure the phone will be awesome in the end! Have fun!
(Played 308 Times)
Living Room Decoration living room decoration
Do you want to design a perfect living room? Start the game and you can do this! Use your skills, and choose the furniture, the walls, the floor, then add the decorating objects and appliances you like! Have fun!
(Played 337 Times)
Lovely House Design lovely house design
Use your skills to decorate a new lovely house! Choose the house's and the yard's colors and design, and add some cute objects like fences, animals and trees! Have fun!
(Played 212 Times)
Make Up Studio Decoration make up studio decoration
Imagine you have your own Make Up Studio, how would it look like? Well, now is your chance to find out! Just use your creativity and choose the interior design and the objects that you like the most! Have fun!
(Played 171 Times)
Mexican Wedding Cake mexican wedding cake
In this game you can decorate a nice Mexican Wedding Cake! Choose every topping, decorating items, flavors and much more! Use your skills and create the greatest wedding cake ever! Have fun!
(Played 241 Times)
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