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Hyderabadi BiryaniHyderabadi Biryani
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Goan prawn curryGoan prawn curry
Played 1837 times
Cool breakfastCool breakfast
Played 1745 times
Doras feasting timeDoras feasting time
Played 1709 times
Seer fish frySeer fish fry
Played 1675 times

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Category Description
In this category cooking games you'll have the chance to learn to cook the hottest dishes.Opportunity to become an accomplished chef who arrested more than 1000 recipes.Most skilled chefs will learn how to prepare a tender meat, you will learn to prepare delicious cakes and desserts and many exotic recipes from squid and octopus to the most expensive delicacies.Do not hesitate to learn to cook you will not regret any moment these recipes.All together you'll have fun online cooking games for games for girls

Cooking Games

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Sweet and sour prawns sweet and sour prawns
Sweet and sour prawns online.A more special food but more expensive are these that make crab shrimp classic.The recipe seems very easy at first but cooked shrimp you will realize that you will not get the first time.After a few shrimp dishes you'll learn the secret to fully cook the crabs shrimp.Successful in preparing and cooking the recipes Mediterranean.
(Played 1,311 Times)
Sweet Bunny Bread sweet bunny bread
Lovely cook Sarah will teach you today how to bake a sweet bunny bread! Join her in the kitchen, and follow her instructions to get ready the table and mix the ingredients! The bread will be ready shortly, and will look great! Enjoy cooking!
(Played 308 Times)
Sweet Heart Cupcake sweet heart cupcake
Learn a great recipe for a delicious desert: Sweet Heart Cupcake! Buy all the required ingredients, then start the cooking process and follow the instructions to prepare the cupcake! In the end, decorate it as you like! Enjoy!
(Played 277 Times)
Sweet Pepper Chicken sweet pepper chicken
Learn how to cook a delicious dish, Sweet Pepper Chicken! Start the cooking session and follow the recipe, step by step to prepare the ingredients! Soon, your meal will be ready to be served! Have fun!
(Played 188 Times)
Talking Angela Perfect Pie talking angela perfect pie
Talking Angela will teach you today how to cook a Perfect Pie! Join her in the kitchen, and start the cooking session together! Don't worry, she will guide you step by step in the cooking process, and the pie will be ready before you know! Have fun!
(Played 272 Times)
Tarte Tatin tarte tatin
Sara will teach you today a great recipe for Tarte Tatin! Join her and start the cooking session right now! All you have to do is to follow her instructions! It's very easy and fun, you will love it for sure! Enjoy!
(Played 278 Times)
Thai spring roll thai spring roll
Thai spring roll is a dish of Thai origin
many delicacies prepared.Meat that will be cut into cubes and add ingredients already cut su marunt.Se will mix and you get a paste delicious.We run into a dough sheet and we will put this mixture in the hot oil until they brown.A food with great delight that is recommended at all like Thai food.
(Played 1,327 Times)
Tiana Cooking Chocolate Cake tiana cooking chocolate cake
Tiana wants to cook a delicious Chocolate Cake, but she needs your help in the kitchen! Join the princess right now, and start the cooking session together! You will have to follow her instructions in order to mix the ingredients and prepare the oven, but you will see that the tasks are very easy! Have fun!
(Played 325 Times)
Turkish Delight Cake turkish delight cake
Learn how to cook a fabulous dessert, Turkish Delight Cake! Start the cooking session and follow the instructions to prepare the ingredients! The cake will be ready, soon and will look great! Have fun!
(Played 240 Times)
Valentine Day Cake valentine day cake
This pretty girl wants to make a delicious cake for her boyfriend, on Saint Valentine's Day and she's asking for your help! Join her in the kitchen and assist her to mix the ingredients and prepare the cake! Have fun!
(Played 175 Times)
Vegan Day Frenzy vegan day frenzy
In this game you can learn how to cook a delicious vegan salad! Start the cooking session, and follow the instructions to cut and mix the ingredients in the right order! Your salad will be ready soon enough! Enjoy!
(Played 219 Times)
Veggie Morning veggie morning
Super Barbie wants to eat this morning a delicious veggie meal and she needs your help to prepare it! Join the princess in her kitchen and follow her instructions to cook the veggie food. Have fun!
(Played 205 Times)
Violetta cooking for leon violetta cooking for leon
Violetta will cook for her husband Leon a delicacy for it to be happy with his wife and to show him that she loves very much.But cooking needs with an elegant impresiona.Va This will result in the end a romantic dinner for two Violetta and Leon.
(Played 1,131 Times)
Winter Wonderland Cake winter wonderland cake
Would you like to make a Winter Wonderland Cake? Start now and follow the instructions to learn how to mix the ingredients in the right order! Soon, your awesome cake will be ready to be served! Have fun!
(Played 222 Times)
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