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Category Description
In this category of action games have a number of free games for children with different men to action in the blood.Action similar to those in computer graphics, for this kind of games on the internet.Even those console games such f Xbox, Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii now for the first time in this type of action.Do not hesitate and get your friends to play an action game with you every day.The latest action games here you will find among them finding some names such gi Bob Robber game where the main character will help people stealing and giving to the poor.Many games and action adventure pirates at sea heroes and defenders of justice, even professional soldiers games, gunmen and many beautiful action games.

Action Games

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Strike Force Heroes strike force heroes
Strike Force Heroes is an online game that I classified as arcade games. A secret laboratory where you are a scientist was attacked by terrorists to kidnap you and steal all documents containing secret invention that you've done throughout life. In this action game, your mission is to kill them all, and to help you get the weapons from the laboratory and the other soldiers that will jump in to he...
(Played 1,775 Times)
The hero save beauties the hero save beauties
You are not a real hero if you don't save all the girls punished by the evil prince. He sentenced to death all the girls in the village since neither looked at him. You are the only one who can save them, since u are the best archer. Shoot in the rope in which the girls are trapped, and free them all, before is too late. You don't have too many arrows available, so be careful not to miss.
(Played 1,637 Times)
The Red Monster the red monster
Millions of insects will destroy your burger which accidentally fell into the garden.Shoot and struggled with millions of insects that will leave you without using ammunition and weapons burger with lime.Each level you will be able to take many weapon stronger than those bugs do not move in front of red ta.The Red Monster is an online shooter with cockroaches and beetles fight added to this site ...
(Played 1,531 Times)
TwinShot twinshot
Shoot the monsters and remove them all from each level. Be careful not to get hit by them. Use the arrow keys to create your speed if necessary. Use your mouse to shoot with bow and arrows and WASD keys to move. TwinShot is a game that can be played by 2 players on the same keyboard. Good luck to finish the game!
(Played 1,398 Times)
Ultimate Assassin 3 ultimate assassin 3
You are en assassin sent from future to eliminate some certain targets.In every level,your misions is to kill the green guy and escape.Play Ultimate Assassin 3 on action online games with professional killers.These abilitieshey are you only  are very impportant and useful.They are your only advantage over the guards which u are going to encounter in the next level.Speed ability nearly...
(Played 1,555 Times)
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