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Anna Prom Dresses anna prom dresses
Princess Frozen Anna is getting ready for prom, and she needs your help to create an amazing look! Join Anna and choose her a stylish hairdo, an elegant dress and some matching accessories! Also, apply her a sparkling make-up! Have fun!
(Played 215 Times)
Awesome Party Dresses awesome party dresses
Join this pretty girl and help her look stunning at the party, tonight! Pick her one of the Awesome Party Dresses from her wardrobe, style her hair and complete her look with some sparkling accessories! Enjoy!
(Played 234 Times)
Barbie Pretty In Tulle Dresses barbie pretty in tulle dresses
Barbie thinks she will look very Pretty In Tulle Dresses, and she asks you to join her and help making a new look! Choose her style, romantic or chic, then dress up Barbie with a tulle dress, arrange her hair and apply her make-up! Don't forget to add some cool accessories, too! Have fun!
(Played 500 Times)
Christmas Dresses christmas dresses
Play this cute dress-up game and help a young lady to prepare for the Christmas party! Choose her the nicest dress from her wardrobe, a matching pair of shoes and some cool accessories to complete her look! Have fun!
(Played 487 Times)
Dark Floral Dresses dark floral dresses
This cute girl loves dark floral dresses! She wants to wear one of these, today, but she needs your help for a makeover session first! Apply her make-up, style her hair and make her look gorgeous! Next, you can choose the dress you like and some fancy accessories! Have fun!
(Played 342 Times)
Deep Sea Dresses deep sea dresses
Can you help this pretty young lady to try the Deep Sea Dresses trend? Start a dress up session, and choose her the hairstyle, the dress and the accessories that fits her best! Have fun!
(Played 192 Times)
Disney Princess Wedding Dresses disney princess wedding dresses
This pretty bride wants to wear at her wedding a Disney princess dress, and she is counting on your help! Join her for a makeover session, and first of all, style her hair and apply her make-up! Next dress her up with the most elegant dress and add her some cool bridal accessories! Have fun!
(Played 228 Times)
Fairy Prom Dresses fairy prom dresses
This sweet fairy will go to prom this evening, and she wants you to choose her an elegant dress that fits her great. Also, style her hair, and add her some cool glamorous accessories. Have fun!
(Played 181 Times)
Formal Dresses formal dresses
This pretty lady will attend an important event this evening, and she needs a proper look! Can you help her? Start a dress up session, and choose her a stylish hairdo, a formal dress and glamorous accessories! Have fun!
(Played 271 Times)
Luxury Dresses luxury dresses
Do you like luxury dresses? This girl likes them a lot, and today she wants you to help her to dress up in a beautiful one! Choose your favorite dress for her, then style her hair and complete the new look with some shiny accessories! Have fun!
(Played 359 Times)
Mom And Me Matching Dresses mom and me matching dresses
This girl and her mommy, wants some pretty matching dresses, and because they need a good tailor for that, they ask for your services! Start the game and first, take their measurements, then start cutting and stitching the material! In the end, you can dress them up, and also change their hairstyle and add them some fancy accessories! Have fun!
(Played 327 Times)
Queens New Dresses queens new dresses
Join this pretty queen and make her look gorgeous with a new fancy look! Start with a make-up session, then style her hair, choose her a new dress and add her some glamorous accessories! Have fun!
(Played 202 Times)
Shirt Dresses shirt dresses
Join this two lovely girls, and make them look cute with some shirt dresses! First, start a make-up session to apply them a sparkling one, then you can choose their hairstyles their clothes and their accessories! Have fun!
(Played 273 Times)
Side Split Dresses side split dresses
Side Split Dresses are the latest fashion trend, and this cute young lady wants to try it! Join her for a makeover session, and apply her a beautiful make-up, then style her hair, choose her outfit and complete her new look with some glam accessories! Have fun!
(Played 256 Times)
Winnie Dresses winnie dresses
Winnie has a lot of nice dresses but he doesn't know what to wear today! Maybe you can help him a little! Join him and try various clothes from his wardrobe and see for yourself which combination fits the cute bear the best! Have fun with him!
(Played 504 Times)
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