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Aegwynn Warcraft Puzzle aegwynn warcraft puzzle
Solve a cool puzzle with Warcraft character, Aegwynn! Choose the difficulty level, then press Shuffle button to mix the pieces and start putting them back together! To win the game, finish up before the time runs out! Good luck!
(Played 403 Times)
Barbie At Hogwarts barbie at hogwarts
Barbie received a letter today, and she found out that she was admitted to Hogwarts, the best school in witchcraft and wizardry! She is very happy, and she must get ready right away, can you help her? First, Barbie needs to get there, then get assigned to a house, and in the end, to get dressed for the class! Join her in her adventure and have fun together!
(Played 395 Times)
Barbie at Princess Awards barbie at princess awards
Barbie will go to the Princess Awards and she needs to look gorgeous! Can you help her? Join Barbie and style her hair, then dress her up with an elegant dress! Don't forget to accessorize and to apply her make-up, too! Have fun!
(Played 205 Times)
Blob wars blob wars
Blob wars is a fun game for kids.You can play the doubles were the simple blobs.Gain control of the board by atacking your opponents blobs and converting them to your own.
(Played 1,487 Times)
Dwarf on the wharf dwarf on the wharf
Dwarf on the wharf is a game that two dwarfs and giants where the aim of the game is to push it and send the dwarf as far offshore.
(Played 1,151 Times)
Hogwarts Student Maker hogwarts student maker
If you are a Harry Potter series fan, then you will surely like this game! First of all, you can answer a quiz to see which team suits you, then you can create a Hogwarts Student after your own preferences! Have fun!
(Played 201 Times)
How To Be A Stewardess how to be a stewardess
Show this girl how to be a stewardess! First, apply her some beauty treatments, then a sparkling make-up! Next, style her hair, dress her up with an elegant uniform and add her some cool matching accessories! She will look fabulous, for sure and she will spark envy among her colleagues! Have fun!
(Played 189 Times)
Imperium War 3 imperium war 3
Battle with your army against enemies and try to do your best to conquer and best them! This battles are very important and the war's fate is in your hands! Good luck!
(Played 533 Times)
Jungle Wars jungle wars
You have been sent by your commander to lead the war from the jungle. Your objective is to wipe out all zombies who embraced the jungle, destroying wildlife and should be eliminated at all costs. Throw grenades into zombies and kill them. In this fight you and some friends who are attending the unit are working. If you can't throw a grenade directly to zombies, throw it to a colleague of yours,...
(Played 3,026 Times)
Keeping Warm keeping warm
Help this cutie look gorgeous and trendy while keeping her warm, too! Choose a stylish hairdo, fancy clothes and shoes and glamorous accessories! Have fun!
(Played 233 Times)
Makeover Studio Amazon Warrior makeover studio amazon warrior
Join a cute Amazon warrior girl at the makeover studio and make her look fantastic! Start by choosing her the nicest outfit you find, then style her hair and last but not least, apply her a beautiful make-up! You will definitely be amazed by her total transformation! Have fun!
(Played 381 Times)
Mercenary Wars mercenary wars
You are a top class mercenary soldier and your mission is to eliminate all the enemies in each level! Use WASD keys to move and mouse to shoot them! Take cover when you are exposed and kill them all! Good luck!
(Played 531 Times)
Militia Wars militia wars
You are a trained Militia solider and you are sent to eliminate the mercenary enemies! Use your shooting skills and kill everyone of them, aim for the head to kill them faster! Use the mouse and WASD keys to play! Have fun!
(Played 731 Times)
My Blue Wardrobe my blue wardrobe
This cute couple loves the blue color, it's their favorite one! They have an entire wardrobe full with blue clothes, shoes and accessories and today you have the chance to make their new looks! Start with the girl and after you apply her make-up, style her hair and dress her up as you like! After you finish up with her, take care of the boy, too! Have fun!
(Played 181 Times)
New Wardrobe For Winter new wardrobe for winter
Play help a lovely girl to look perfect in the winter! She just renewed her wardrobe with a lots of cool clothes and you can to choose whatever you like! Don't forget to style her hair and some sparkling accessories! After you're done, she will be ready to go out and have fun!
(Played 400 Times)
Princess vs Villain Tug of War princess vs villain tug of war
Princesses Cinderella, Ariel and Elsa will play Tug of War Versus villains Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella! Help the princesses team get ready for the contest and dress them up properly, then fill up their hearts till the end of the countdown, so they can win against villains! Have fun!
(Played 325 Times)
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