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Barbie Fashionista Autumn Trends barbie fashionista autumn trends
Barbie is a true Barbie Fashionista and she wants a new Autumn look! Can you help her try the latest Trends? Join Barbie an start a make-up session to apply her a beautiful make-up, then style her hair, choose her outfit and add her glamorous accessories! Have fun!
(Played 405 Times)
Barbie Latest Hair Trends barbie latest hair trends
Barbie follows the latest fashion trends, and today she wants to try a complete new hairstyle! Choose the one you like the most, then start a hair dye session! Continue and pick a new fancy suit that fits her perfectly and add some cute accessories! In the end Barbie will look stunning! Have fun!
(Played 369 Times)
Barbie Trend Alert Candy Looks barbie trend alert candy looks
Barbie likes the latest fashion trends, and today she will try the candy look! Join her for a dress-up and make-up session and make her look prettier than ever! Have fun!
(Played 290 Times)
Barbie Trend Alert Greenery barbie trend alert greenery
Barbie wants to keep up with the new trends and today she will try the greenery style! Join the beautiful princess and help her look stunning! First, style her hair, then choose her a fancy dress and some glamorous accessories! Don't forget about her make-up, too! Enjoy!
(Played 235 Times)
Barbie Trend Alert Midi Skirts barbie trend alert midi skirts
Midi Skirts are the latest trend, and Barbie wants to try it! Help the princess create her new look! Style her hair, choose her clothes and add her some glamorous accessories! Don't forget to apply her a cool make-up! Have fun!
(Played 255 Times)
Barbie Trend Alert Rompers barbie trend alert rompers
It is well known that Barbie is a true fashionista, and today she wants to try the latest trend: rompers! Help Barbie choose a nice outfit, a new hairstyle and some glamorous accessories! Don't forget to apply her a sparkling make-up, too! Enjoy!
(Played 280 Times)
Coat Trends coat trends
This pretty lady loves Coat Trends and she wants to try it! Join her for a dress up session, and help her look gorgeous! Style her hair, choose her a fancy outfit and complete her new look with some cool accessories! Have fun!
(Played 233 Times)
Cooking Trends Double Stuffed Chicken cooking trends double stuffed chicken
Would you like to try Double Stuffed Chicken? It's a delicious and healthy meal, surely you'll love it. But first, you need to follow the recipe and to prepare it after the instructions given. Have fun!
(Played 231 Times)
Descendants Trendsetters descendants trendsetters
This two Descendants girls are the best trendsetters, and today you can help them create new fabulous looks! Start with a make-up session and apply a nice one for each girl, and then go to the dressing part, where you can choose their outfits, hairstyles and accessories! Have fun!
(Played 335 Times)
Ever After High Boots Trend ever after high boots trend
Ever After High dolls, Apple White and Raven Queen want to design their new boots after their style, can you help them? Join the girls and first, design for each one a nice pair of boots, then dress them up as you like! Have fun!
(Played 227 Times)
Modern Rapunzel Rainbow Trends modern rapunzel rainbow trends
Rapunzel wants to be a modern princess, and today she will try Rainbow Trends for her new look! Join the princess and arrange her hair, then dye it with multiple colors! Continue with the dress-up stage and choose her a fancy outfit! In the end, Rapunzel will look amazing, for sure! Have fun!
(Played 386 Times)
Pastel Autumn Trends pastel autumn trends
Join this sweet girl and help her look amazing in the Pastel Autumn Trends! Choose her hairstyle, her clothes and add some fancy accessories to complete her look! Have fun!
(Played 279 Times)
Princess Fashionista Autumn Trends princess fashionista autumn trends
Join this Princess Fashionista and help her look gorgeous in the Autumn Trends! Start with a make-up session, and apply her a fabulous make-up, then style her hair, choose her outfit and add some cool accessories, that fits her perfectly! Have fun!
(Played 256 Times)
Trench Trend trench trend
Help his cute girl look gorgeous in the Trench Fashion Trend! Start with her make-up, then choose her hairstyle, her outfit and her accessories! Try all of them and find the best combination! Have fun!
(Played 246 Times)
Trend Alert My Glittery Shoes trend alert my glittery shoes
Start the game and create a nice pair of glittery shoes for a cute girl! Choose your favorite model and color, then find two matching outfits for the girl! Have fun!
(Played 348 Times)
Trendy Braces trendy braces
Join a cute girl and help her look awesome with some new trendy braces! You can style her hair, apply her make-up and choose the accessories you like the most! Have fun!
(Played 278 Times)
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