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Draculaura Sweet 1600 Drive draculaura sweet 1600 drive
Today it's Draculaura, 1600th anniversary, but she overslept, and she didn't had the time to do her make-up, because she left in a rush with the car, so she won't be late to her own party! Help Draculaura to drive safely while she is finishing up her make-up, and she will be very grateful for that! Have fun!
(Played 312 Times)
Easter Sweetheart easter sweetheart
On the Easter day, this sweetheart is wating for you to help her create a stylish Easter look. Start now and choose her an elegant outfit, a pretty hairstyle and some cute matching accessories. Have fun!
(Played 442 Times)
Easy To Cook Sausage And Sweet Corn Muffins easy to cook sausage and sweet corn muffins
Do you like muffins? In this game you will learn how to cook some Sausage And Sweet Corn Muffins! Start the cooking session, and follow all the steps to complete the cooking process, it's very easy and fun! Enjoy!
(Played 262 Times)
Frozen Sweet Tooth Halloween frozen sweet tooth halloween
Help the Frozen teams Elsa/Olaf and Anna/Kristoff to get spooky Halloween outfits and go Trick or Treat! The winner team will be the one who receives more candies! Enjoy playing and Happy Halloween!
(Played 303 Times)
High School Sweethearts high school sweethearts
These two High School teens like each other so much, but they are too nervous to kiss! Can you help them in this matter? Move the lips from one to another using the mouse, so they can kiss but hurry, before they lose the patience! Have fun!
(Played 289 Times)
Miss Sweets 5 miss sweets 5
Can you help this two cute girls look fabulous today? Take them in turns, and apply their make-up, style their hairdos and dress them up with trendy clothes! Don't forget about accessories! Have fun!
(Played 228 Times)
My Sweet Girl my sweet girl
This sweet girl needs a complete makeover and she thinks you can help her. Start with some facial beauty treatments, then apply a sparkling make-up. In the end, choose the hairstyle and the clothes that look great on her! Have fun!
(Played 188 Times)
Oh Tooth Problems oh tooth problems
Poor Oh has some serious tooth problems and he urgently needs a dentist! Can you help him? He's suffering great pain and he cannot eat, so you must treat his denture and make him feel better! You have all the dentist tools you need, use them and make Oh's teeth look good and healthy again!
(Played 436 Times)
Princess Sweet 16 Makeover princess sweet 16 makeover
This sweet princess is turning 16 today, and she needs to get ready for the big party she's throwing at her place! Join her and start a makeover session! Apply her a beautiful make-up, then pick a hairstyle you like! Move on the dressing part and choose her the outfit and add some cute accessories! Have fun!
(Played 365 Times)
Princess Sweet Sixteen Cool Gifts princess sweet sixteen cool gifts
For her Sweet Sixteen anniversary, this cute princess received a lot of presents! Help her collect and unpack them, and then try on her new cool outfits, shoes and accessories! Have fun!
(Played 233 Times)
Sofia and Queen Miranda Palace Sweets sofia and queen miranda palace sweets
Princess Sofia the First and her mother, Queen Miranda want to cook some yummy sweets, and they can use your help! Choose your favorite desert and begin a cooking session with the two lovely ladies! Have fun!
(Played 364 Times)
Sweet And Punk sweet and punk
This cute girl wants to try a sweet and punk style, can you help her? Choose a nice combination of hairstyle, outfit and accessories, and make sure she will look amazing, when you finish! Enjoy the game!
(Played 282 Times)
Sweet and sour prawns sweet and sour prawns
Sweet and sour prawns online.A more special food but more expensive are these that make crab shrimp classic.The recipe seems very easy at first but cooked shrimp you will realize that you will not get the first time.After a few shrimp dishes you'll learn the secret to fully cook the crabs shrimp.Successful in preparing and cooking the recipes Mediterranean.
(Played 1,335 Times)
Sweet Bunny Bread sweet bunny bread
Lovely cook Sarah will teach you today how to bake a sweet bunny bread! Join her in the kitchen, and follow her instructions to get ready the table and mix the ingredients! The bread will be ready shortly, and will look great! Enjoy cooking!
(Played 330 Times)
Sweet Candy Makeover sweet candy makeover
This girl is not looking good right now, but you can help her in this matter! Join her for a complete makeover session and try the candy look! First, trim her eyebrows and give her some facial treatments, then apply a beautiful makeup! Finally, style her hair and choose her outfit and accessories that fits her perfectly! The girl will look amazing, thanks to you! Have fun!
(Played 335 Times)
Sweet Cupcake Girl sweet cupcake girl
This cute girl will to to a sweetshop to serve a cupcake and she needs a little help from you to get prepared. Start a dress up session, and choose her a fancy hairstyle, an elegant outfit and some cool accessories! Have fun!
(Played 345 Times)
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