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Sadness New IphoneSadness New Iphone
Played 202041 times
Santa gift attiresSanta gift attires
Played 5215 times
Plinga Family BarnPlinga Family Barn
Played 4852 times
Angry PiratesAngry Pirates
Played 3652 times
Gotham city crisisGotham city crisis
Played 3453 times
 Makeover Studio Emo to Hipster makeover studio emo to hipster
This Emo girl wants to try a different look, because she likes Hister style better! Join her in this game, and start the transformation! Choose a nice outfit for the girl, style her hair and then apply a beautiful make-up! In the end, she will look gorgeous, thanks to you!
(Played 410 Times)
A Little Van Gogh a little van gogh
Join this little Van Gogh, and help him decorate his work space and dress him up like a true painter! Choose a nice combination of clothes and accessories, then the perfect decor for his studio! Have fun!
(Played 410 Times)
Barbie Design Studio barbie design studio
Join Barbie in her Design Studio and help her create a new dress for a fashion show! Choose the dress model, fabric and texture, then sew it and add buttons and decorations! Surely, Barbie will look amazing with her new dress! Have fun!
(Played 236 Times)
BFF Studio Cartoon Princesses bff studio cartoon princesses
Join these three bffs at the beauty studio and help them look fabulous, just like Cartoon Princesses! Take them in turns, and choose their hairstyles, their outfits and their accessories! Have fun!
(Played 261 Times)
BFF Studio Cover Girls bff studio cover girls
These three BFFs will be cover girls for a cool magazine! Join them in the studio, and start a dress up session to make them look gorgeous! Choose for each one the perfect hairstyle, outfit and accessories! Have fun!
(Played 303 Times)
BFF Studio Disney Princesses bff studio disney princesses
Join the Disney Princesses Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna at the BFF Studio and make them look fabulous! Choose for each one a nice dress, a stylish hairdo and some pretty accessories! Have fun!
(Played 265 Times)
BFF Studio Girls Night Out bff studio girls night out
These three BFFs want to spend the night together out in the city, and they need your help to get ready! Take them in turns, and choose their hairstyle, their outfit and their accessories! The girls will surely look fabulous, thanks to you! Have fun!
(Played 358 Times)
BFF Studio Travel Friends bff studio travel friends
Three cute BFFs are going together on a trip, and before they travel, all of them needs new and fabulous looks! Can you help them? Join the girls now and choose for each one the hairstyle, the outfit and some accessories they must have! Enjoy!
(Played 399 Times)
BFF Studio Winter Walk bff studio winter walk
Three best friends want to go on a winter walk, but they need your help to prepare, first! Play and take care of the girls! Choose for each one the perfect winter outfit, style their hair and complete their look with fancy accessories! Have fun!
(Played 689 Times)
Fashion Studio Hippie Hottie fashion studio hippie hottie
It's time to put your fashion designer skills and create a new outfit for a Hippie Hottie girl! Choose the model and the pattern of each part of the outfit, then start cutting the material! When the outfit is ready, put it on the girl, and complete her look with a new hairstyle and some fancy accessories! Have fun!
(Played 339 Times)
Fashion Studio Latino Style fashion studio latino style
Join this cute lady at the fashion studio, and make her look gorgeous in the Latino style! Create a prefect dress for her, then choose her hairstyle, and add some wonderful accessories! Have fun!
(Played 244 Times)
Fashion Studio Winter Outfit fashion studio winter outfit
Start this game and show your fashion designer skills! Create a nice winter outfit for this cute girl and then style her hair, choose her accessories and she will look gorgeous! Have fun!
(Played 402 Times)
Make Up Studio Decoration make up studio decoration
Imagine you have your own Make Up Studio, how would it look like? Well, now is your chance to find out! Just use your creativity and choose the interior design and the objects that you like the most! Have fun!
(Played 191 Times)
Makeover Studio Amazon Warrior makeover studio amazon warrior
Join a cute Amazon warrior girl at the makeover studio and make her look fantastic! Start by choosing her the nicest outfit you find, then style her hair and last but not least, apply her a beautiful make-up! You will definitely be amazed by her total transformation! Have fun!
(Played 378 Times)
Makeover Studio Cave Girl makeover studio cave girl
This lady wants to look like a cave girl and she is waiting you at the Makeover Studio to begin her transformation! Choose her a cool outfit, then style her hair and in the end, apply her make-up! Have fun!
(Played 260 Times)
Makeover Studio Country to City Girl makeover studio country to city girl
This cute country girl has arrived in the city, and she needs a proper look! Join her at the makeover studio to start her transformation! Dress her up, style her hair and apply a nice make-up! In the end, she will look amazing, for sure! Have fun!
(Played 268 Times)
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