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Anna Gym Class Slacking anna gym class slacking
Little Princess Frozen Anna is at the gym class, but she is not in the mood today! She wants to do, instead of her exercises, other thing like eating pizza, speaking on the phone and playing with toys! Can you help her fool her trainer, and do all this things without getting caught?
(Played 361 Times)
Astronaut Slacking astronaut slacking
Sarah has a new job, she's now an astronaut and today she's in the outer space with her boss! Her job is to fix the spaceship, but she gets bored quite easily, so she wants to play fun games and take pictures! Can you help her do all that without her boss finding out?
(Played 667 Times)
Baby Sitter Slacking baby sitter slacking
The little baby wants to play fun games instead of sleeping, like he's supposed to, but the baby sitter is coming to check up on him, so you have to help him play, only when the baby sitter is not there! Have fun!
(Played 459 Times)
Barbie Class Slacking barbie class slacking
Barbie and her BFF is at school, but they are not in the mood for studying! Instead, they want to play fun games and make other girly activities like nail polishing or make-up! Help them fool the teacher but be very careful, if they are caught, the girls will be in deep trouble! Have fun!
(Played 393 Times)
Chibi Halloween Slacking chibi halloween slacking
Chibi princesses Elsa and Ariel wants to prank her friend, Chibi Rapunzel, this Halloween! Can you help the girls play tricks on her and have fun? Enjoy your time with the girls and Happy Halloween!
(Played 308 Times)
Elsa Baby Caring Slacking elsa baby caring slacking
Baby Elsa wants to eat sweets, but her mommy is watching her and she can't do that! Can you help the little girl to fool her mother and eat the sweets? While her mother is washing dishes, Baby Elsa can eat the sweets, but when she's about to turn back, warn the little girl so she can stop! Have fun!
(Played 373 Times)
Elsa Hospital Slacking elsa hospital slacking
Oh no! Jack was cheating on Elsa with her best friend, Rapunzel, and she is very angry right now, and she wants to revenge! Jack is now at the hospital because he broke a leg, and Anna is the nurse! Elsa wants to make him pay by freezing him, but Anna is nearby and she won't agree, so help Elsa freeze Jack without getting caught! Have fun!
(Played 363 Times)
Fairytale Slacking 2 fairytale slacking 2
The Evil Ice Queen has frozen princess Sarah's kingdom, but Sarah loves winter activities and playing with snow! She and her friend, prince Tim wants to play and have fun, but Evil Ice Queen must not see them, or they will get into trouble! Start the game and help them to slack the Evil Queen! Have fun!
(Played 397 Times)
Homework Slacking homework slacking
It's weekend time, and this cute girl, Emily, needs to to her homework! But she isn't in the mood right now, all she wants is to play some fun games! Help her do some slacking without being caught by her mommy! Have fun!
(Played 305 Times)
Inside Out Crazy Slacking inside out crazy slacking
Joy wants to fill Riley's life with happiness, but Anger is nearby and he cannot see this or he will get mad and spoil everything! Start the game and help Joy complete her task without getting caught, or she'll have to start all over again! Have fun!
(Played 460 Times)
Office slacking office slacking
Office Slacking is a game in which a person works hard at boring at work.De you stop to take other actions outside serviciului.Daca head will not be mindful of this job you will see and you will miss it afara.Ajuta occupy their time with other preucupari boss without being seen.

(Played 1,181 Times)
Office Slacking 14 office slacking 14
Sarah is at work, but she is bored and wants to have some fun instead! Unfortunately, she can't do this if her boss is around, so you have to be sneaky and help her to slack the office! A lot of fun activities awaits, so start the game and enjoy!
(Played 428 Times)
Office slacking 6 office slacking 6
At the office where you work will sometimes come and boredom of those will concern some interesting things.But watch out that your boss does not see you when you do these things that will give out without talking.
(Played 1,604 Times)
Princess Make Up Slacking princess make up slacking
This princess was invited to her friend's party, and she wants to get ready by doing the make-up, but her mom is not allowing this, in her study time! Can you help her slack her mother, so she can finish her make-up without getting caught? Warn her every time her mom becomes suspicious, so she can stop, and her mother will be tricked! Have fun!
(Played 313 Times)
Slacking Rapunzel slacking rapunzel
Rapunzel's daughter is doing her homework, but the little girl is bored and wants to do other fun things, instead! Unfortunately, her mother is keeping a close eye on her, so she needs your help to slack her, while she is uploading photos on Instagram, brush her hair or sending texts!
(Played 391 Times)
Sleep Slacking sleep slacking
It's time to go to sleep, but Emily can't sleep, and she wants to play for a while. Unfortunately, her mom will come and check on her occasionally to see if she is sleeping or not! Can you help her to play without being discovered by her mom? Have fun!
(Played 271 Times)
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